Essential Training

Martial arts schools should be designated as essential. Here’s why. Please sign the petition to join this change. The ability to learn and practice defending oneself is essential. Some people smirk at the thought of needing to regularly practice self-defense because they live a good life [...]

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NTMMA Reopens May 18

NTMMA Family, We want to thank you for your support. We would not have been able to make it through this difficult time without your continued membership and words of encouragement, directly to us and on social media. Following Governor Abbott’s executive order, we will reopen on May 18 [...]

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Training at home

While you and your family are home, don’t neglect your training. Your NTMMA coaches have regularly been adding striking and grappling videos to your Kicksite account. There’s techniques available that you can work on by yourself or with a partner. So even if your spouse or child (or parent) [...]

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How To Fall

Everyone needs to learn how to fall. It is the first lesson in every Judo school. And it is the first lesson in any Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school on takedown days. I wish it was also one of the first lessons that kindergarteners learned in school. Since its not, please, bring your kid to class! [...]

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We love our kids! The NTMMA kids and teens program has been in North Texas for over 20 years and created great martial artists. We focus on fundamentals of striking and grappling. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays our kids focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, [...]

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Turn Your Foot In

Everyone who has trained Jiu Jitsu for at least a week has learned an arm bar. There are all kinds of arm bars from all kinds of places. Basic arm bar education starts with a simple arm bar from mount and a simple arm bar from closed guard. But some people struggle with hitting these

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How to be a MMA Fighter

We regularly get messages from people saying they are MMA fighters who want to fight and are looking for a gym. We get this message so frequently that a blog post might be a more efficient way to answer this. Here goes: Come to class. We have classes 7 days a week at multiple times

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Wrestling and No Gi BJJ

Tuesday nights for adults get kicked off at 6PM at NTMMA with a kickboxing class. For years, we have offered a wrestling class afterward at 7PM. Wrestlers are always welcome to come train. And now, continuing with grip-free grappling on Tuesday nights, we will offer a No Gi BJJ class on [...]

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Learning From Mistakes

“Repent” is a religious word. But this is not a religious post. Repent just means to recognize your failures and shortcomings and to make a decision to do something different next time. Learning how to do this is a great life skill. It can save lots of time, heartache, and even money. If [...]

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Women’s FAQs Before Trying Jiujitsu

Trying out Jiujitsu can be intimidating for anyone. Knowing that everyone there will be better than you. Wondering if you will embarrass yourself. Maybe even feeling scared that you will get hurt. While more and more women are training jiujitsu, it is still a male-dominated sport, so all [...]

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Strength is Technique

There is an age old debate in martial arts and many sports about strength versus technique. Which is better? Which will win? The debate is a false dichotomy. Its not strength or technique, but using strength as a technique. In BJJ, it is common to hear that technique must come above all else. [...]

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Training Notes

Do you keep a journal? Journaling is a great way to process our ideas. We often have insightful ideas but struggle expressing them to others. When we can put words to those ideas, we often understand our initial thought even better. Journaling is one way to practice expressing our ideas on [...]

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Under Pressure

Have you ever gotten stuck in bottom side control and started to panic? You’re not the only one to feel under pressure. The first step in getting out of bottom side control is to BE CALM. You can’t help yourself when you are panicking. You can’t remember your techniques. [...]

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