Learning From Mistakes

“Repent” is a religious word. But this is not a religious post. Repent just means to recognize your failures and shortcomings and to make a decision to do something different next time. Learning how to do this is a great life skill. It can save lots of time, heartache, and even money. If something you are trying isn’t working, admit it. Understand why it isn’t working as you hoped. Then think of what you might do differently the next time you are presented with the same situation.

In Jiu-Jitsu, we learn by tapping. Tapping is recognizing that what we are currently doing is not working. It’s admitting an error. And when we tap, we are given another opportunity to restart and retry. Learning to tap well is hard for some. Some people quit because their ego is too big. Others tap then throw a fit about it. Tapping is not fun. But its how we learn. When you tap, think about what you did. What could you do better? Ask your training partner for a tip if they are a higher rank than you.

Learning how to understand your shortcomings is learning how to overcome them. Train and learn how to overcome!

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