Strength is Technique

There is an age old debate in martial arts and many sports about strength versus technique. Which is better? Which will win? The debate is a false dichotomy. Its not strength or technique, but using strength as a technique.

In BJJ, it is common to hear that technique must come above all else. And it is true: a heavyweight blue belt might smash an average sized purple or brown belt. But his fourth degree Black Belt professor ragdolls hims despite being a hundred pounds lighter. Superior technique can rule the day, without question. And we know that it will take this blue belt the better part of a decade or more to be able to catch the coach. Technique is king, but it takes time as all good things do.

Strength is its own technique that can be learned alongside learning more about positions and submission. Learning when to switch the strength on and off–when moving, when holding, when finishing–is the technique. This does not fill the holes in your grappling game. But it can help you have greater mastery of your established grappling techniques.

Basic weight lifting also has great health benefits, especially as you get older. You don’t have to lift heavy. But lifting something regularly helps protect your bones. So whether its for martial arts or just to protect your old bones, lift some weights.

Come train and use the weight room.

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