Training at home

While you and your family are home, don’t neglect your training. Your NTMMA coaches have regularly been adding striking and grappling videos to your Kicksite account. There’s techniques available that you can work on by yourself or with a partner. So even if your spouse or child (or parent) doesn’t train, ask them to be your partner and they can get some exercise while you drill.

In addition to the striking and jiu jitsu drills, make time to keep up with basic conditioning. Right now, some people are getting bored with things to do. A little bit of conditioning everyday can help a lot with this. Be careful about training too hard, because then you might get extra bored on the following rest day. Try to do a little conditioning that gets your heart rate up and leaves you feeling good. You can do that everyday.

Here’s two exercises that should already be doing everyday anyway. You can do these at home on the floor.

The Plank

Practice the basic plank, then work on your time. First, set goals of 30 seconds. Can you hold the plank position for 30 seconds? How about 3 sets of 30 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between? How about 1 minute? How about 5?

The Bird Dog

Practice the basic bird dog position on each side. Then, as you start doing the repetitions on each side, set new goals everyday to increase your reps. Try adding 5 more reps per side everyday. How far can you get?

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