Under Pressure

Have you ever gotten stuck in bottom side control and started to panic? You’re not the only one to feel under pressure.

The first step in getting out of bottom side control is to BE CALM. You can’t help yourself when you are panicking. You can’t remember your techniques. When you panic, you die. You lie flat on your back and succumb to the feeling of not being able to breathe, sometimes before your partner even starts a submission. Step one is be calm.

Once you are calm, then you can think about a game plan. Remember: they can’t hold you and attack you at the same time. So be calm and breathe when your partner is just holding you. But, the second your partner attacks, you must move! Turn toward your partner on your side, get up on your bottom elbow, and choose your path. Is your goal to recover guard or stand up? Either way, you must start with being calm.

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